• Vegan, Veggie & Gluten free

    Cinnamon cafe inside menu-JAN 2018

  • Hot Beverages


    • Golden Tea (Saffron Tea) $5
    • Traditional Persian Tea $3.00
    • Cinnamon Tea       $3.00
    • Fresh Ginger Tea   $3.00
    • Fresh Mint Leaf Tea $3.00
    • Golden Latte (Saffron Latte) $7
    • Turkish Coffee $4
    • Latte     $4
    • Espresso $3.00
    • Americano $3.00

  • Dessert

    [caption id="attachment_1178" align="aligncenter" width="960"]14469217_1281039968596714_861952480_n Dark chocolate veggie cake![/caption]

    Sholeh zard

    White rice steamed and mixed with a pinch of saffron, sugar, crunched almonds and lightly sparkled with cinnamon and baked for two hours; then served cold in small dish. $6


    A date stuffed with a raw walnut, coated in a pan heated wheat flour mixed with a vegetable oil, fine sugar and cinnamon spree. Allowed to cool then served on a small plate.$7  

    Gluten free Chocolate cake $6

    Vegan and gluten free nut chocolate cake $7

    Vegan Chocolate Cake$5

    Vegan Coconut pie $5


    A phyllo pastry made with vegan margarine, rose water, ground walnut, ground almonds and cardamom powder. Then thinly layered, rolled, cut then oven baked. Served with a sugar, lemon juice, rose water and saffron syrup. $3 [caption id="attachment_1152" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Fresh, Local, Cinnamon café. Fresh, Local, Cinnamon café.[/caption]

  • Entrees

    Walnut Stew( Fesenjoon) * Rice and Saffron served with a traditional stew, slow cooked stew over  hours consist of ground walnuts, Pomegranate molasses, pureed butternut squash, Saffron, Cinnamon powder, Pinch of black peppers and fried onions. $13  

    Gheymeh Stew * Rice and Saffron served with a Delicious stew consisting of, split yellow peas, fried onion, Saffron, turmeric, black pepper, diced tomatoes and dried lime. This stew is garnished with Eggplant & little fries. $13  
    Butternut Squash Stew * Rice and Saffron served with a traditional stew which includes fried onions, Cardamom, Saffron, crushed almonds, Cinnamon and dried plums. $13  
    Apricot Stew * Rice and Saffron served with a Stew consist of cooked with apricots and Plums with a fine combination of cardamom, crushed almonds, cinnamon, Saffron, fried onions and ginger. $13  
    Biryani Rice * A rice cooked and mixed with Carrots, Green peas, Saffron and fried onions, served with  small green salad using Holy salad dressing).$10  
    Lentil Rice(Adas Polo) * Cooked green lintel with rice and mixed with Mixed with saffron, Turmeric, cinnamon, fried onion. Served with sun rised rasins, small green salad using Holy salad dressing. $10  
    Vegan noodle stir-fry ( S.P / rice) * A fine combination of carrot, Zuchini, Cabbage, onion, bell peppers and some authentic middle  eastern spices. $13  
      Vegan burger Vegan burger made from red lentil, Garlic, onion and and some authentic middle eastern spices. Served with French fries and Green salad.$13  
    Vegan shawarma plate               Made from TVP, Tofu, fried onion and some authentic middle eastern spices. Served with french fries and green salad. $13  
      Shawarma Wrap Shawarma made out of fried onions and TVP, cumin,turmeric ,black pepper wrapped in a pita bread with pickles, sweet onions, lettuce and tomatoes.   $9  
    Falafel Wrap The best falafels this side of the Atlantic. Made with Soacked chickpeas, garlic, onion, cilantro, parsley, cumin, pepper, salt, mint, ground coriander fry and Wrapped in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, Pickles and sweet onions. $8  
      Vegan Tofu * We have put our spin on the dish and replaced the cheese with our own blend of flavoured tofu. Served with fresh vegetables and holy salad dressing. $10  

  • Appetizers

    Hummus and Pita Homemade hummus made with chick peas ,olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and fresh parsley. Served with home made pita bread. $10

    Hummus & Hot Mushrooms Homemade hummus made with baked chickpeas, hot mushrooms, lemon juice, black pepper and garlic. Served with homemade Pita bread. $10
    Zeytun Paravardeh(Olives starter)* Made out of toasted walnuts, olives, burberries, garlic, olive oil, fresh mint, black pepper,     lemon juice and pomegranate molasses.  $10
    Shakshuka Garlic, onions, tomato and eggs served with pita bread. $8  
    Stuffed Mushrooms (cheese) $8  
    3 Vegan Spring rolls (Vegetables& chickpeas)  $8  
    Falafel Platter (Quinoa, Sesame, Chilli, Green, Zatar) The best falafels this side of the Atlantic. Made with socked chick peas, garlic, onion, salt and coriander then ground, fry and served with Tahini.   $7
    Falafel Dippers (green) The best falafels this side of the Atlantic. Made out of socked chick peas, garlic, onion, cilantro, parsley, cumin, pepper, salt and coriander. Then ground, fry and served With your choice of Tahini dip. $5
    Stuffed grape leaves $5

  • Salads and Soups

    Fattoush salad/ Green salad/Greek salad   Fattoush salad consist of garlic, sumac, lemon juice, olive oil and fresh vegetables mixed with toasted pita bread. $10
    Tabbouleh Fine bulgur mixed with fresh parsley, mint, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and flavoured with lemon juice, salt and black pepper. $7
    Quinoa Confetti Salad * Steamed quinoa mixed with chickpeas, sunflower & butternut squash seeds, toasted soy beans, onions, carrots, burberries, bell pepper and cilantro. Flavoured with lemon juice, olive oil and black pepper. $7    
      Lentil Soup * Tomato based vegetable broth with lentils, oatmeal and turmeric. Served with  Pita bread. $6